Wallington Hall

It was December, 2.5C and raining… definitely a day for soft play. But instead we decided to take a trip to Wallington Hall for their Victorian Christmas day.
And although there was a point sitting in the muddy car park in the drizzle with two sleeping children, that we nearly drove home, I’m so glad we didn’t as once kitted out in their rambling gear they had a great time.
For katie this was the first time we had unleashed her to walk around herself and I was amazed by how much she loved it. She was tearing around the place, splashing in the puddles and getting generally filthy.
I’d been once before to walk around the grounds, but we hadn’t gone inside the house before. I had no idea how lavish it was going to be and as you walked around the rooms you almost expected to see people sitting in the arm chairs, as it seems so lived in. We only flew round the rooms as its not for young children, but they loved the carols in the hall and charlotte enjoyed a story from Mrs Claus by the old kitchen range.
Before leaving we treated our selves to a cup of tea and shared a hot beef and gravy sandwich in the cafe – which was great and baby friendly – though of course national trust expensive. I was a bit cold to explore the grounds, but I remember from the last visit, there is a lovely walk through the wood and round a lake.

Speaking of Xmas, the pressure is on and I’m stressed. No, it’s not work, a deadline, a family gathering. It’s time for the toddler xmas party and this year I am on a mission.
Last year I learnt an important lesson, healthy snacks are not on the menu.
I left last year’s bash in disgrace after what I thought were my clever Annabel Karmel healthy alternative banana bran muffins were the only, and yes, the only items left after the hoards had swept the table clean. I couldn’t even escape the humiliation when an organiser shouted out for the person responsible to come and collect them.
Having raised my children on snacks of cheese, raisins a fruit, the site of brownies, biscuits, mince pies and chocolate in front of my toddler sent me into meltdown.
So this year do I stand my ground? No way, chocolate brownies, here we come.


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