Beaten up by my two year old

I wrote the other week how I had taken an ego-bashing from my children when they told me they wanted to go and live with their nana instead. This week I took a physical bashing from my  two-year-old daughter.
Not too pleased about being scooped up away from the scrap she was having and winning with her older sister, she took a swing and lamped me straight across the face.
About everyone else that crosses her path has taken a bit of a battering lately, so I suppose it was inevitable that she eventually turned on me.
I have written before about the opposite personalities of my two daughters. While the eldest was always the victim of toy tussles and left weeping empty-handed on the floor, her younger sister is starting to seem like the nursery bully.
I had warned the nursery staff she can be a bit rough, but when they told me she had been a bit “unkind” elaborating that she had been pushing the other children over and “clawing” at their faces I was devastated.
It is not as if I can play the innocent and pretend she is not mine, as with the same ginger hair it is pretty obvious. As I leave the nursery and walk past the other parents I keep thinking they are giving me looks that say “ah, so that is the terrible mother whose daughter gave our little angel a black-eye.”
To add to her image as one not to be messed with, an incident occurred the other week where when I went to collect her she was showing me a toy that was jammed in a box and shouting what she thought was “Stuck, stuck, stuck”. Unfortunately she currently pronounces S as F. As I want this to be a family blog,
 I will have to leave to your imagination my embarrassment.
She has been getting better lately and is very good at saying sorry and giving her sister a hug. And I have been assured by other mums that I am not alone and this is a stage they will grow out of, nevertheless you can’t help wonder if it is something you have done.
But there are brilliant things about toddlerdom too. She seems to be riding a pure emotional rollercoaster and there is a total impulsive innocence that seems to be lost by the time they reach three when they can start to reason and argue with you. There’s not much that cheers me up more than watching her dance madly around the house to whatever music is on the radio or singing some made-up tune.
It’s her birthday tomorrow so I am bracing myself for what more the “terrible twos” could possibly have in store.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. the monko
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 05:49:24

    You are definitely not alone. I think it’s a phase that any strong minded toddler goes through. They are trying to assert their needs and don’t have the vocab and understanding to do it in a way that won’t hurt others. And it’s often done it off frustration. We’ve helped goblin by labelling his feelings (“are you feeling frustrated”), telling him it’s ok to feel like that but explaining that hitting is not the right way to deal with that emotion. It takes a lot of time and modelling of direct behaviour but it son ( 3 next week) is starting to come out the other side without having list his spirit, just more pleasant in his interactions. Your daughter isn’t a bully and the other mums are lucky that this week is your kids doling it out and not theirs.


  2. muminamuddle
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 22:08:16

    Thanks for the message of support! I have linked to your site and look forward to reading more posts.


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