Seaton Delaval Hall

The conversation took an interesting turn as we walked out onto the impressive driveway to Seaton Delaval Hall and stood infront of the large statue that seemed to show a long-haired naked man about to slice of the head of an adversary. “What’s the lady doing mummy?” Erm…(mum caught off guard) “Well first it’s a man, Charlotte, and I think he is about to cut off the other man’s head.” “That’s naughty isn’t it mummy.” “Well, yes it is Charlotte.” “And it’s not very kind of him is it mummy.” “No Charlotte.”
Only recently acquired by the National Trust, after a campaign to save the site, the property is described as a “work in progress”. The inside of the house was not much interest to the kids, but outside the gardens were pleasant to run around. The rose garden is like a mini maze and there are plently of places for hide and seek.
There is a small tea room and some seats around the court yard, where we shovelled some lunch into them before setting off home. It is an impressive site and nice for a wander around, but we were there an hour at most and would perhaps only pop in if I was passing, rather than make a day of it. However, a play area for children is in the pipeline.


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